Our name says it all.
The Import and distribution of Tequila is our central business. Traditionally, one enjoys Tequila with salt and lime, a habit that was developed in the beginning of the last century in Mexico. It was discovered that on the one hand, the burning taste of pure Tequila is softened by the accompanying consumption of salt and lime, and on the other hand the mild components of its taste are allowed to step into the foreground. Similar to the fact that for many people salt and lime has become an indisputable, however discreet, companion with the relish of their favorite spirit, we want to stand by our customers as reliable partners in the distribution of Tequila.
Take a look around and acquaint yourself with the History of Tequila. We introduce our producers to you, we illustrate production processes and of course we also have a few recipes, in case that once in a while you would like to enjoy our high-quality Tequilas in a different way and not just with salt&lemon...