2 oz Tequila Silver
1 oz Cointreau
1 oz lime juice
Shake the ingredients with crushed ice and serve in chilled glass with salt-covered rim.
El Diablo
1½ oz Tequila Silver
½ oz Creme de Cassis
½ oz lime juice
Shake all ingredients, pour into normal glass with ice cubes and fill with Ginger Ale.
Tequila Sunrise
2 oz Tequila Silver
½ oz lime juice
4 oz orange juice
Shake the ingredients with ice cubes very well and pour into a high glass, fill very carefully with ½ oz Grenadine, so it goes to the bottom and forms the "sunrise".
Bloody Mary
1½ oz Tequila Silver
1 splash of Tabasco Sauce
juice of ½ a lime
Stir everything in the glass and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Finally fill with ice and tomato juice.
First fill a shot glass half-way with Tequila Silver, then the rest with lemon juice, alternatively use Ginger Ale or any type of lemon soda.
Cover with the palm of your hand, hit glass on the bar (to mix), and drink in one gulp.